May 6, 2014

China: Few Countries Do A Good Job Of Transitioning To Slower Growth

"Well, few countries do a good job of transitioning to slower growth. The Chinese have been trying to slow things down for a while, so anybody who is not aware that China has been trying to engineer a slowdown should be reading the papers more, or reading the Internet more.

They have had an inflation problem and they have had a property problem. They know it and they’re trying to do something about it. China has been slowing, but this is not the least bit unusual.

I would remind you that what is unusual is that China hasn’t had more economic problems in the last decade or two. I would remind you that as America rose to power, we had 15 Depressions; we had very few human rights; we had very little rule of law; we had massacres in the streets; we had a horrible civil war." - in

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